Travel for seniors: why you choose medical tourism?

Travel for seniors: why you choose medical tourism?

Medical Tourism to Asia has been increasing steadily due the continent’s affordability in proving world-class healthcare. People from all over the world are seeking affordable world-class healthcare amidst rising medical expenses in western countries. Hence, old age people can avail cost-effective but quality treatment of old-age complexities in countries like Singapore and Thailand.

Singapore medical tourism packages

Singapore Tourism Board has been working closely with the country’s healthcare providers to provide top-notch and hassle free medical services to foreigners. Singapore Medical Tourism Packages include the necessary information about Singapore. Plus, the packages help 2020 supplement plans found at with admitting patients, arranging airport pickup and so on. Furthermore, the packages provide accommodation and any other means of support necessary to the people travelling with the patient. Also, one of the most important benefits of the package is its interpretation services aimed at assisting non-speakers of English. Visit Singapore Tourism Board’s website for information and admission. Also, it is advisable to visit the hospital websites in order to contact with a customer care agent who can also guide you with all the aspects pertaining to availing the medical services offered.

Private medical care in Thailand

Private healthcare seems to occupy Thailand’s promising healthcare scenario. Some top hospitals providing quality but affordable healthcare are Bumrungrad International, Bangkok Hospitals Group and Samitivej Hospitals. These hospitals provide every assistance that patients require in order to receive treatment in Thailand. For instance, the hospitals assist in arranging medical visa for the patient. This is not all, however. Assistance is also provided in point-to-point transfers, from the airport to the hospital and vice versa. Furthermore, the hospitals recruit multilingual staffs in order to make communication easier with patients.  Visit the websites of the hospitals for more information regarding admission and other information.

Thailand or Singapore?

While both Thailand and Singapore provide world-class healthcare, Singapore seems to edge past Thailand’s excellence in medical treatment. Although Singapore is somewhat more expensive in terms of providing treatment, it has established a world-wide reputation in treating cardiac diseases. Also, Singapore is a leader in the treatment of cancer, one of the leading causes of deaths worldwide. Therefore, choose Singapore over Thailand if you have a bit more money, since you don’t want to compromise with quality. Asia seems to be emerging as a top notch destination for medical patients worldwide due to its cost-effective treatments of deadly ailments among older patients. Therefore, you all are welcome to have a wonderful medical journey in Asia. See you there, then.