Seniors need to get a Trip advisor when travelling to new places

Seniors need to get a Trip advisor when travelling to new places

Thanks to the heavens because nowadays you just have to go online and find pages that advises people who want to travel from one location to another. However, I would like to put you in a situation where you would like to travel to a far continent and even with the enthusiasm you fail to find someone or any source that can advise you more about the trip. You will agree with me that many of us will avoid travelling to those place where there are no articles written about is and not advice about how to get there. From that idea, therefore, it is very important for you to make sure that find a person or a resource that will advise you as far as your travels are concerned.

What do you stand to gain from trip advisers?

The first benefit from the trip advisers is that they have the capacity to prepare you psychologically. When someone talk to you about a place you have never been to before, he/she makes you feel like you have been there yourself. This is one of the ways of making you feel like you are psychologically prepare for the journey as well as for the stay. It is sometimes very difficult to consider going to a place where you can’t find some advices about it. In that case, you need to find the services of a trip adviser so that you can be psychologically prepared for the journey. Secondly, a tripadvisor gives you an idea of how much services and products costs at your destination. Unless you have a rough estimate of how much you need to carry I terms of cash, it becomes difficult to make a decision then wake up and start your journey. However, with the presence of trip advisers, you will be in a good position to tell the prices of goods, the price of staying in a hotel for a night and even distances you need to cover so as to reach your destination. Thirdly, trip advisor are so keen in telling you what time of the year is the best for you to visit a specified destination. Whenever you are aware about the right time to initiate your travel, then there are high chances that you will enjoy you travel more than you can imagine.

Why is so important for seniors to travel?

Why is so important for seniors to travel?

A common misconception persisting in society is that old people should stay at home more often after they retire. This is considered safe and life-saving for retirees. However, modern science has pointed out at numerous health benefits of travelling during the later stages in life. Travelling at an old age comes with the requirements of taking some safety precautions before setting out for your desired destination(s).

Why travel?

As Mentioned earlier, travelling has several health benefits. At the very onset, it is good for the mental well-being. Aspects like navigating through new places, meeting new people, learning new languages and so on is extremely beneficial for the exercise of the brain muscles. Also, it enables them to retain their lost serenity in life. Exciting regular activities undertaken through travelling enable retirees to find some solace from regular stress resulting from strain in social relationships, for instance. Besides, travelling is extremely important to keep in shape. A UN news reports that retirees often walk 10 miles every day while on a vacation. Furthermore, regular activities, such as visiting museums, finding out a place, interacting with locals and so on pose challenges to their abilities. Not only do they learn to overcome the challenges, but they also become more able in exhibiting a greater degree of self-dependence.

Pre-travel precautions

Taking some health precautions is absolutely necessary in order to ensure a perfect travel experience. Firstly, it is imperative to consult a doctor before setting off. Do inform the doctor regarding the place of your visit and the kind of activities that you will undertake during your trip. The doctor might administer some vaccinations prior to your departure and also advise you properly on how to do the activities. Furthermore, he is likely to guide you regarding daily nutrition concerns. Secondly, pack your bags with as much medication as would deem suffice for the period of your stay. Next, getting a travel insurance is important since it will be beneficially economical during your journey. Furthermore, it would be a very good idea to keep your family members informed regarding the location of your stay and what activities you undertake during your trip. This is beneficial since family member would also be able to give you the right kind of advice on what to and what no to do. Finally, they would be able to act in the most efficient manner possible at times of emergency.

Travel for seniors: why you choose medical tourism?

Travel for seniors: why you choose medical tourism?

Medical Tourism to Asia has been increasing steadily due the continent’s affordability in proving world-class healthcare. People from all over the world are seeking affordable world-class healthcare amidst rising medical expenses in western countries. Hence, old age people can avail cost-effective but quality treatment of old-age complexities in countries like Singapore and Thailand.

Singapore medical tourism packages

Singapore Tourism Board has been working closely with the country’s healthcare providers to provide top-notch and hassle free medical services to foreigners. Singapore Medical Tourism Packages include the necessary information about Singapore. Plus, the packages help 2020 supplement plans found at with admitting patients, arranging airport pickup and so on. Furthermore, the packages provide accommodation and any other means of support necessary to the people travelling with the patient. Also, one of the most important benefits of the package is its interpretation services aimed at assisting non-speakers of English. Visit Singapore Tourism Board’s website for information and admission. Also, it is advisable to visit the hospital websites in order to contact with a customer care agent who can also guide you with all the aspects pertaining to availing the medical services offered.

Private medical care in Thailand

Private healthcare seems to occupy Thailand’s promising healthcare scenario. Some top hospitals providing quality but affordable healthcare are Bumrungrad International, Bangkok Hospitals Group and Samitivej Hospitals. These hospitals provide every assistance that patients require in order to receive treatment in Thailand. For instance, the hospitals assist in arranging medical visa for the patient. This is not all, however. Assistance is also provided in point-to-point transfers, from the airport to the hospital and vice versa. Furthermore, the hospitals recruit multilingual staffs in order to make communication easier with patients.  Visit the websites of the hospitals for more information regarding admission and other information.

Thailand or Singapore?

While both Thailand and Singapore provide world-class healthcare, Singapore seems to edge past Thailand’s excellence in medical treatment. Although Singapore is somewhat more expensive in terms of providing treatment, it has established a world-wide reputation in treating cardiac diseases. Also, Singapore is a leader in the treatment of cancer, one of the leading causes of deaths worldwide. Therefore, choose Singapore over Thailand if you have a bit more money, since you don’t want to compromise with quality. Asia seems to be emerging as a top notch destination for medical patients worldwide due to its cost-effective treatments of deadly ailments among older patients. Therefore, you all are welcome to have a wonderful medical journey in Asia. See you there, then.

What is the best way to travel as senior?

What is the best way to travel as senior?

Recently, the world has been experiencing a surge in people travelling in their late sixties. However, their trip has not been free from struggles, worries and disappointments. Apparently, there are a lot of advice on the internet regarding how to make your journey worthwhile. But, all the advice are not to be followed. Therefore, you might have the question regarding what to follow and what not to follow? Here is a compilation of some invaluable tips that can make your journey free from worries.

Travel in groups

Travelling in group will not only save you from scammers, but it will also be beneficial in reducing the total cost of your journey. For instance, be it travelling with family member or fellow friends, you have the opportunity to share accommodation, food, transport and so on. Travelling in groups also gives you the added advantage of multiplying the fun elements necessary to make your trip extremely memorable.

Buy travel insurance

Purchasing a travel insurance can help you pay for your medical needs during your journey. Also a trip cancellation insurance promises to provide for your last minute cancellation of the journey due to some unavoidable circumstances. Moreover, a travel insurance provides coverage in situation relating to lost baggage. However, let me give you a word of advice. Purchase a travel insurance from a trusted company. In case you have problem making a decision regarding where to start, ask your travel agent for assistance.

Check for senior discounts

Never forget to ask your travel agent for senior discounts. Also, if you’re travelling within Europe, it is highly recommended to ask for senior discounts beforehand while purchasing a transportation ticket. This is because, such discounts are never advertised and therefore, you might lose out on availing the discounts if you don’t enquire at the very onset.

Take trip off-peak

Taking your trip during the off-peak season enables you to get added discounts on hotel and/or hostel prices. Plus, there will also be hefty discounts in different mode(s) of transportation, in restaurants, to mention a few. Always check for the off-peak travelling season in your desired place of journey.

Take time

Plan your trip well by taking ample time to consider all the important aspects of your journey. In this way, not only will you save yourself from being a victim of scamming, but you will also save a considerable amount of money.

Why you should try yoga retreat as a senior?

Why you should try yoga retreat as a senior?

Are you a retired individual suffering from loneliness and boredom? If so, then this article has the perfect solution for you. A yoga vacation is the life journey that you are looking for. Be on a spiritual trip and never worry about budget. A yoga vacation is the most cost-effective way of travelling. Although the journey is comparatively cheaper, the quality of the journey is never compromised.

Benefits of a yoga retreat

Firstly, you will have a soul rejuvenating journey in the form of a yoga retreat. Those of you who are suffering from old-age boredom and loneliness will find like-minded people on the yoga vacation. Therefore, it is a golden opportunity to make a lot of friends. Furthermore, you don’t have to be worried regarding your tight finance since a yoga retreat costs comparatively lower. This form of vacation suits the needs of the elderly, be it financially to get 2020 medicare supplement plans or mentally. However, the most important benefit of such a trip is that you are spared from the painstaking and time-consuming vacation management. As soon as you book a yoga vacation, all the arrangements are done by the trip coordinator. Areas concerning arrangements include a number of priority concerns, which ranges from everyday meals to accommodation.

Nepal yoga retreat and spa

Visit Nepal Yoga Retreat and Spa, the number one company for certified yoga trainings. The centre is a sanctuary in the green hills of Kathmandu valley. One of the best aspects of this centre is that it is surrounded by temples. Therefore, you will never miss the absence of spiritual environment all through your journey. The services offered by the company includes Pranayama, Meditation, Yogic detox, Yoga philosophy and Healings.

Word of advice

Always pack less for the journey. In order to ensure a well-planned journey, always focus on starting early. Staring an early planning will not only save you from the hassles of packing, but it will also help in reducing costs further. Such is true in the case of flight booking and airport pickup, for example. Yoga is the number one choice as a stressbuster for old age people around the globe. Therefore, Kathmandu’s Nepal Yoga Retreat and Spa centre is the right choice for you. Visit for more information regarding admission and immerse yourself in quest for a peaceful and content life.

Common Investment Frauds Seniors Should Avoid

Common Investment Frauds Seniors Should Avoid

Seniors all over the world are some of the easy targets of all manner of fraudsters. In case you are 65 years or older and you are contemplating investing your savings, then you should read this post up to the end. We have highlighted some of the most common investment frauds that seniors are most likely to fall victims of. Check them out here!

  1. Advance fees fraud

Advanced fees fraud is a scheme involving persuasion of someone who wants to invest to pay some money upfront in order to take the investment opportunity that will generate high returns. As a senior citizen who maybe living on reduced income and limited resources, you might easily become a victim of advanced fees fraud. The main aim of the fraudster is to convince you to pay advance fees, which he or she will then take and disappear by ceasing all communication. For example, a fraudster may offer you an interest-free loan from a non-profit organization or an overseas bank on condition that you pay some a certain amount of money as an application fee.

  • Pyramid schemes

Also sometimes referred to as ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes are another common investment scams that seniors should watch out for. A pyramid scheme is typically run by individuals and not companies. These individuals will recruit you via emails and ads that promise you a lot of money while working from the comfort of your home. This makes such non-existence investments attractive to senior citizens who are already retired and would not want, or are not able to look for another job. Most of them promise their targets quick returns.

  • Land banking

Land banking is another common investment fraud that seniors must avoid. It is whereby a company subdivides a certain large piece of land into smaller plots and then sells it to unsuspecting investors on grounds that once the land is available for development, its value will significantly rise in a short span of time. However, the truth is that the land in question is owned by another person or doesn’t even exist, or is an area of cultural importance and cannot be developed.

  • Boiler room fraud

Boiler room fraud is another common type of investment fraud that seniors are likely to fall victims of. It is where by a group of individuals set up a temporary office especially in a well known are or a city from where they perpetrate their investment fraud. The fact that they have an office will make you trust them and what they are saying while the truth is that the company does not actually exists. They will sometimes direct you to their website, which usually seem professional. They might also have an address to win your trust.

How to start travel journey: senior travel guide

How to start travel journey: senior travel guide

Retirees often have trouble finding the suitable vacation spot to enjoy the perfect leisure with their loved one. Therefore, this article is intended to give seniors some tips and tricks on how to find the perfect place for the holiday.

How to Start?

Careful planning is the key to initiating a successful travel. For this reason, it is imperative to focus on what kind place you would love to go. For instance, do you want to cruise your way through exotic locations? Or, you want to take the road for that purpose? Also, do you want to book a resort in order to evade the hassles of tedious arrangements for travel? Such aforementioned aspects should be pondered upon before attempting to initiate travel.

Popular travel arrangements

To begin with, the all-inclusive resorts are a very popular choice among retirees. It is often seen that seniors often want someone to do all the arrangements of the vacation for them. The arrangements range from food and accommodation to daily activities and so on. Therefore, it is advised to visit the web pages of some all-inclusive resorts in your preferred destination(s).

Next, if you are an adventure lover and want to travel as part of a group, then adventure travel is just the kind of setting that you should seek for. There are a number of websites for such clients, including Read Scholar, and Walking the World. Visit the sites and plan your journey carefully. Also popular among the group is volunteer travelling. These are meant for those who want to help the society, besides travelling economically. One advantage of volunteer travelling is that it instills a true sense of purpose in life in them. Moreover, it raises their self-confidence. For more information on such travel options, check out sites, such as Cross Cultural Solutions, Earth Watch Institute, Global Service Corp, and Global Aware.

Besides, travelling options for disabled seniors are on the rise. Websites like Smarter Travel and Million Mile Secrets have some useful links to sites that can help you plan your journey. However, in order to have a narrower search for such travelling opportunities, you should visit and search for “6 best vacations for seniors with limited mobility”. Plausible travelling options for retirees are on the rise. Therefore, don’t be anxious to set out for adventure at this later journey of your life.

What can you do during the travel: tips for seniors

What can you do during the travel: tips for seniors

If you are old and retired from work, you have the option to travel cheaply. This is not all, however. You also have the option of earning while you travel. Therefore, give your life the rejuvenating spark by investing some time to travel. Not only will you start earn money while travelling, but you will also be able to exhibit better self-dependence.

Travel and teach

A surefire way of earning a decent income is to teach a global language to pupils. For instance, you have the option to teach English to school-going children if you are a native speaker. The perfect starting point to search for English-teaching jobs are the online search engines. Through the search engines, you can search for “English Immersion Programs” in the country of your choice. Not only do you have the possibility to secure a job, but you also have the hope of earning an excellent short-term income. Furthermore, you can also take up other teaching jobs after the completion of the previous one. This, however, can be in some other exotic locations as well.

Finding accommodation

You can dispel financial worries regarding renting an accommodation during your stay in an amazing way. Short-term free accommodations are provided via Servas and Hospitality Club. Avail the membership of the club(s) and you will have access to meeting thousands of hosts from across the globe. These hosts welcome travelers to their homes and allow them to stay at their homes for a short term. Nonetheless, such stay is free of charge.

Travelling on a low budget

A wise way to travel on a low budget is to start preparing early. Preparation can mean doing some background research on discounts for seniors in aspects related to transportation, for instance. Many countries in Europe have discounted rail ticket price for seniors. Spain’s Tarjeta Dorada offers 40% discount on ticket prices on weekdays and 25% discount on weekends. Furthermore, some transportation systems in many countries also provide discounts based on your travel time. For example, you might be able to secure cheaper ticket if you travel during the off-peak hour. Therefore, it is highly recommended to conduct an intensive search regarding discounts for seniors before travelling to your desired destination(s). Making your journey meaningful through teaching is an innovative way to regain the lost purpose in your willingness to live. Hence, apply for an international health insurance and set out for the fun ride of disseminating wisdom.